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When a project is no longer viable, you can cancel the related change action. When you cancel a change action any primary common schema objects that are associated as part of the change are removed.

  1. Click Change Management > Change Actions.

  2. Select the change action you want to cancel, and click Actions > Cancel. You can only cancel change actions that are in the Open or Open Pending-Fix state in the Web Client.

    The change action status is set to Canceled in the project and plant. All the properties that were added as part of this change are removed, and any properties that were deleted are restored.

  • If the claimed object is not related to any other change action in the project, it is unclaimed.

  • Any objects that were terminated as part of the change action are revived, and any updates made to the objects before they were terminated are reverted to the last Design Complete state.

  • If any of the design changes made in the canceled project are needed in another project, you can transfer the modifications between the two projects. See Transfer items between As-Built projects.