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Generic Piping Components by Selected Spec

Copies all of the piping parts as generic piping components while maintaining the topology. Replace the generic piping components with the corresponding Smart 3D piping parts. This option displays a list of common valid specifications present on the parent pipeline. Select a specification to copy from the SIO pipe run.

If you select multiple SIO pipe runs that do not have common specifications on their respective pipelines, the list displays No common Specs available for the SelectSet.

Piping Parts by Mapping

Uses the mapping value you define to copy the SIO pipe run to the native Smart 3D pipe run. This is the default setting. If there is no mapping for the pipe run or for the SIO piping parts, the software uses the source value as the mapped value for the pipe run and SIO piping parts.

The mapping file template is delivered to the [Product Folder]\3DRefData\SharedContent\Data\Translators folder. The mapping file contains sheets with detailed instructions.

If the mapped value or the source value is not compatible with the Catalog, the software places generic piping components.

Log File

Specifies the log file name. You can view the log file after processing by clicking View Log.

View Log

Displays the log file, which contains details of the command process including any problems encountered during the process.


Closes the CopySIOPipeRunToS3D dialog without copying any SIO pipe parts.


Initiates the command.