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An existing facility is subject to change throughout its life cycle. These changes can include minor updates due to maintenance as well as major revamp projects for expansion or even replacement. Some changes are small enough to be made by the owner. Other changes are larger and must be done by a contractor. In both cases, there are typically thousands of engineering changes that must be scoped and managed. This is especially true when new designs are implemented. One of the challenges an organization faces when making any kind of design change is how to maintain the accuracy of the essential information (engineering, maintenance, and operations) that is vital for safe and efficient operations.

Smart 3D Project As-Built supports digital transformation (digital twin) technology to help meet this challenge. Smart 3D supports the translation of 3D design data, including laser-scanned point cloud data and design tool data from Smart 3D, PDS, and PDMS to a fit-for-purpose digital twin format for operations and maintenance use.

Integrating Smart 3D Project As-Built with HxGN SDx further optimizes the efficiency of digital technology. To standardize and improve the data exchange of 3D asset information, SDx uses a simplified common schema. This common schema enables all tools to communicate in a single schema format. SDx stores this digital asset information in a centralized location. Integration with SDx also enables the use of downstream activities such as review, procurement, fabrication, construction and operations. Most importantly, SDx supports Project As-Built project execution capabilities in Smart 3D for maintenance purposes. For example, you can carve out a portion of the digital twin model and manipulate it according to the requirements of your project. The full range of Smart 3D tools and commands for such tasks as modeling and generation of deliverables are available for making project changes. These capabilities enable changes to an existing facility while ensuring strict change control and providing operations access to current information for running the facility safely and efficiently.

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