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Creates a revision for the document with Major and Minor set, depending on the revision scheme you select.

If you are sharing and revising for a Change Management Smart 3D model in which the work area was synchronized from an SDx As-Built project, you must set the active As-Built project in the System list in the main Smart 3D toolbar. Select More in the System list, and then ensure that the project assigned to the Change Management model is selected for the revision. For As-Built information, see Prepare Smart 3D Handover model data for Project As-Built and Create a Smart 3D Change Management model in the Smart 3D Project As-Built with HxGN Help, and Work with Project As-Built and SDx in the Smart 3D Project Management Help.

Before you can revise 2D drawing documents, you must register the model with SDx. See Register with SDx Command in the Project Management Help.

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