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Integration with SmartPlant Foundation shares documents, packages of data from a number of objects published and retrieved as a set. Integration with SDx is object-centric, sharing and synchronizing specific objects (previously called publishing and retrieving when communicating with SmartPlant Foundation) rather than whole documents. However, documents still serve a useful purpose.

Documents still move through workflows, people still sign off on documents, and responsibility will still be based on the signatures on documents. Although data may be moving between the tools based on objects, responsibility will ultimately be based on documents.

Therefore, whenever you make changes to object data, you must also update, review, and approve the corresponding documents. Deviations between signed off documents and the actual object data that exists at the completion of the project will create a number of problems that can be avoided.

Relationships exist to tie a document to each of the tag objects for that document, and SDx manages the various revisions and versions of the document, the document history, and any relationships the documents have to files.