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To make any design changes to the model, you must first synchronize the standalone As-Built design data to SDx. You begin by using the Integration > Register with SDx Command command to authenticate and then register the As-Built model with SDx. Registering a model with SDx enables you to connect to the integrated environment so that you can share data between Smart 3D and SDx. Part of the registration process includes exporting material definitions to SDx. Material definitions are attributions for the graphics and styles in the model.

After you complete registration, the next step is to configure and start the Intergraph Smart 3D Share Service for the As-Built model. The Intergraph Smart 3D Share Service monitors the model database for changes, such as new or modified objects. In the context of the initial synchronization of data to SDx, configuring the service for the As-Built model sets up a continuous stream of Smart Interop Object data between the model and SDx. After starting the service, you can use the SDx Synchronization Status Monitor at any time to view the status of the synchronize to SDx operation. The utility also provides a reporting feature so that you can view the results of the operation. If the synchronize to SDx operation fails for a design object, most commonly because of a data error, you can resolve the issue and then mark the object to be picked up by the Share Service and re-synchronized.

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Configure servers to monitor Re-synchronize to SDx (Optional) Standalone As-Built model (from Handover) Standalone As-Built model (from Handover) Track synchronize to SDx progress As-Built design data Start the Share service Define settings for Intergraph Smart 3D Share Service Register with SDx Start