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If you are working with an as-built project where the piping isometric drawing includes existing pipework and new pipework, it might be preferable to exclude the existing pipework in the materials list on the isometric drawing. In this instance, you can use a label that returns MTOEXCLUDE for any part that has Construction Requirement/Type set to Existing.

  1. Use the Label Editor in Smart 3D to create a label that excludes a part from the material list when Construction Requirement is set to Existing. An example of the label definition is shown below.

  2. Right-click an Isogen Isometric Drawing component or package in the Management Console or Drawing Console, and then select Edit Options to open Isogen Configuration.

  3. On the Home screen, select Content in the Smart 3D category pane.

    The software switches to the Configuration View and displays the Content panel.

  4. Expand Material List, and locate Exclude By Label.

  5. Click the Browse Browse button to display the Catalog Label dialog box, and then select the appropriate label.

  6. Click Save to update the isometric style file, and then return to Smart 3D.

  7. Update the isometric drawing.

    Isogen runs the label on each part in the drawing. Any part that has Construction Requirement set to Existing is excluded from the material list.