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Sets options for the Synchronization Status report generated for a selected model. You access this dialog by clicking Synchronize to SDx Status Report in the Synchronize to SDx Status pane of the SDx Synchronization Status window.


Specifies the date range to use for the report. Select All to report synchronization status irrespective of the date, or specify a date range to report the synchronize status for a specific period


Specifies the type of data to include in the report output.

Data error

Lists objects that have data errors.

Client/Server error

Indicates if the server to which objects are being synchronized has a problem, such as a shutdown.


Lists objects that have been synchronized successfully.

Exclude objects

Shows objects that have defined class mapping, but the specific instances are excluded by the Share Service at runtime. For example, a single straight pipe feature for a physical pipe is excluded from the Share Service because the information required for downstream workflows is on the physical pipe. If the pipe has more than one feature because it is partly insulated or for any other reason, the features are also synchronized because they carry useful information.

Other excluded object examples:

  • Cable ports on cable occurrences and cable occurrences

  • Logical distribute connections at equipment nozzles


Closes the dialog.

Create Report

Creates the report based on the specified settings and displays the report contents in the Synchronization Status Report Window.