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At some point in the Change Management workflow, you must associate the Change Management model to an SDx project. This model-to-project association is used by the Project Operations Command to populate the Project Operations Dialog for a given Change Management model.

Follow the steps below to assign the model signature if the assignment was not done during SDx project creation.

  1. Open a browser window, and type the URL for your SDx Web Client.

  2. Log in to the Intergraph Authorization Server using your assigned credentials.

  3. Click Business Administration on the Home screen, and then click Projects to open the Projects window.

  4. Click Actions next to the SDx project name.

  5. Click Update under Actions, and then click the Integration tab. You must have the System Administrator PAB role or the Project Administrator PAB role to view the Integration tab.

  6. Under Signature details, select the signature that corresponds to the Smart 3D Change Management model with which you want to associate the SDx project. A signature is assigned to each model when it is registered with SDx.

    You can review the tool signatures that have been assigned, by clicking the Integration feature set on the Home screen, and then clicking Tool Signatures to open the Tool Signatures window.

  7. Click Update.