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Many custom properties in PDS and PDMS (such as company-specific and tool-specific properties) are unable to be mapped during Smart Interop Object generation. However, these unmapped properties and their corresponding values are stored on the respective Smart Interop Object and can be viewed using the View Smart Interop Object Unmapped Properties custom command.

Before you begin, make sure that the View Smart Interop Object Unmapped Properties custom command is added to the software. The ProgID for this command is S3DDiagnosticCommands,Ingr.SP3D.Common.Client.Commands.
UnmappedPropertiesCommand. See Add custom commands in the Common Help.

  1. Open a design session in Smart 3D.

  2. Click Tools > Custom Commands, and run the View Unmapped Smart Interop Object Properties custom command to display the <Smart Interop Object Type> dialog.

  3. Click the Unmapped Properties tab, to view a list of the unmapped properties and their associated values for the selected Smart Interop Object.

    The Mapped Properties tab lists the mapped properties and their associated property values. The interface name for each property is also listed.

  4. If needed, click Export to Excel to export the unmapped properties and their values to an Excel spreadsheet.

  5. When finished, click Close.