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The following eight models within a plant or ship typically have very similar relationships:

  • Piping

  • Signal

  • Cable tray (and conduit)

  • Ducting

  • Trench

  • Cable

  • Wire

  • Process

The models are similar enough that a single model, the Connectivity Model, is used to describe all of them, resulting in a much simpler data model. The Common Model, the Common EDM, the Common Object Definition, and the Precedence Rules are all based on the Connectivity Model.

Using a single Connectivity Model has the following benefits:

  • Contains a relatively small number of class and relationship definitions, which makes it easier to understand and faster to integrate with standard-specific or customer-specific schema.

  • Makes integration between Intergraph Smart tools easier by defining a common data exchange model between those tools.

  • Keeps the number of rules for common object definitions, consolidation rules, and other class-based rule definitions to a minimum.