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  1. Open a browser window, and type the URL for your SDx Web Client.

  2. Log in to the Intergraph Authorization Server using your assigned credentials.

  3. Click the Change Management feature set and then click Create Change Action to open the Create Change Action window.

    SHARED Tip You can also create a change action from the Actions menu of an object.

  4. Type the required information. If your system is configured to use ENS, you can create multiple change actions at the same time. For more information, see Using ENS with documents and objects.

    • Only Maintenance, Turnaround, and Align 3-D Model with As-Built project types can be selected.

    • If you select an external organization as the primary organization, the Approve Design Modifications step is assigned to a Design Lead of the external organization.

    • An external organization can only see change actions where they are selected as either the primary organization or the subscribing organization.

  5. Click Finish to create the change action and return to the Change Management feature set. To stay in the Create Change Action window so you can create additional change actions, click Apply.

In situations where the project is no longer viable, you can cancel the change action.