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Hot Fix and Service Pack Updates

Version 13

  • This is a new document for this release of the software.

  • The functional enhancements listed below have been implemented to support SDx integration for Smart 3D As-Built:

    • Added information about Share/Synchronize failures due to schema/data errors and server errors. See Appendix: Share/Synchronize Error and Warning Conditions (P1 CP:333822)

    • You can convert generic Smart Interop Object types to a more specific type with the new Convert Smart Interop Object command. (P1 CP:349312)

    • You can revise and share 2D drawings to a registered HxGN SDx® web-based server for integrated workflows. See Revise with SDx Command and Share Documents Command. (P1 CP:354120)

    • The Data Recovery from SDx Command command enables you to recover data from SDx in cases where the Smart 3D model has been restored to a previous state from a backup. (P1 CP:357207)

    • The Copy SIO Pipe Run to Smart 3D Command enables you to create a native Smart 3D pipe run from a SIO pipe run. (P1 CP:368679)

    • You can view a change action in a model using the View in Model command on a Change Action object. (P2 CR:164327)

    • You can edit the Generate SIO configuration file to do the following:

    • The new Integration > Register with SDx Command command in Project Management enables you to register the model with an SDx server. (P2 CP:341384)

    • The software now supports claim and release claim functionality for As-Built projects. (P2 CP:347687)

    • The Project > Project Operations command enables you to view, evaluate, and allocate As-Built projects. (P2 CP:347690)

    • When you generate SIO slabs and walls from PMS and/or PDMS sources, the slab and wall objects do not have any layers associated with them or the layers associated are in corrupted state. To correct this issue, the software provides two custom commands you can use to report and repair defective SIO slabs and walls. See Conversion and Validation in Prepare Smart 3D Handover model data for Project As-Built. (P2 CP:349101)

    • The Undemolish command enables you to undemolish Smart Interop Objects that have been previously demolished. (P2 CP:351019)

    • The new Integration > Synchronize Material Definition with SDx Command command enables you to synchronize material definitions and style data between the Change Management model and the SDx server with which it is registered. (P2 CP:351725 and CP:351814)

    • The Set Design Review Status Command enables you to set the state of a change action in SDx to Design Review. Doing so indicates to SDx that the related detailed design tasks are complete in Smart 3D. (P2 CP:353711)

    • The Demolish command enables you to demolish a select set of claimed Smart Interop Objects. (P2 CP:354994)

    • You can synchronize unmapped Smart Interop Object properties to SDx using the new Synchronize Smart Interop Objects Unmapped Data to SDx custom command. (P2 CP:355548)

    • The new Integration > Synchronize Work Area from SDx Command command enables you to synchronize objects from a configured SDx instance to a registered Smart 3D Change Management model. (P2 (CP:355823)

    • Because Smart 3D supports native objects and Smart Interop Objects (SIOs), you can insert taps on SIO pipes and components. You can tap out pipes and components without replacing the SIO pipe or SIO component with native Smart 3D piping. See Insert a component and Insert a tap. (P2 CP:363977)

    • With the new Transfer command, you can transfer claimed objects and 2D documents from one active As-Built project to another. (P2 CP:369648)

    • The new Copy as S3D Equipment Command enables you create native Smart 3D equipment from Smart Interop Object (SIO) equipment. (P2 CP:374696)

    • You can now create native Smart 3D member systems from linear Smart Interop Object (SIO) member parts or linear SIO member systems using the Copy SIO Member to Smart 3D Command. (P2 CP:376735)

    • You can view unmapped Smart Interop Object properties using the new View Unmapped Smart Interop Object Properties custom command. (P3 CP:355507)

    • The new Re-synchronize command enables you to mark data error objects that need to be resynchronized to SDx. (P3 CP:370862)

  • Defined the minimum required properties to connect Smart Interop Objects to native Smart 3D objects, and added information about modeling and modification capabilities associated with Smart Interop Objects. See Learn about common design workflows for As-Built projects.

  • Improvements to error logging performance have been made. You can set up Microsoft® Application Insights, a feature of Azure Monitor, to be used by the Intergraph Smart 3D Share Service for monitoring and reporting system messages. Application Insights provides rich analytics support and monitoring capabilities with minimal impact to client system performance. See Define settings for the Share Service. (P2 CP:376497)