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The commands listed below are frequently used when working with working with a Smart 3D As-Built project and HxGN SDx.

Clean Database Command

Opens the Clean Database Dialog, which is a tool you use to clean the catalog or model database objects.

Configure SDx Subscription Settings Command

Provides options for specifying the settings that the software uses to synchronize Smart Interop Objects and projects from SDx.

Convert SIO Type Command

Converts generic/equipment/member Smart Interop Object parts to a specific Smart Interop Object type.

Convert SIO to Native S3D Command

Converts the selected Smart Interop Object (SIO) to a native Smart 3D object. You can convert equipment, pipe runs, and structure objects.

Data Recovery from SDx Command

Provides options for recovering from cases where the Smart 3D database has been restored to a previous state from backup.

Demolish Command

Demolishes the selected Smart Interop Object (SIO).

Integrity Command

Creates records for the objects that need to be cleaned.

Project Operations Command

Displays the As-Built projects that are currently available in SDx. You use the options in the dialog to allocate, or assign, a project in the Smart 3D Change Management model so that any required design changes can be made.

Register with SDx Command

Registers a model database with the SDx environment.

Repair SIO System Parent Assignment Command

Allows you to create system hierarchy parent relationships for Smart Interop Objects that do not have them.

Re-Synchronize Command

Opens the Re-synchronize dialog so you can review objects that failed the synchronize to SDx operation.

Revise with SDx Command

Creates a revision of the document data with major and minor revision sets.

SDx Synchronization Status Monitor Command

Displays the progress of the synchronize processes between selected models and the SDx site.

Set Design Review Status Command

Sets the status of a change action in SDx to Design Review. The Design Review status indicates to SDx that the detailed design and modeling requirements for the As-Built project are complete in Smart 3D and are ready for external review.

Share Documents Command

Synchronizes 2D document data and graphics to SDx so that other authoring tools can access the data.

Show Claim Status Command

Displays the objects that are currently claimed for the selected As-Built project.

Synchronize Material Definition with SDx Command

Synchronizes material definitions and styles data between the Smart 3D Change Management model and the registered SDx server.

Synchronize Work Area from SDx Command

Fetches Smart Interop Object data from a configured instance of SDx into your Smart 3D Change Management model.

Transfer Command

Enables you to move a select set of claimed objects from one active As-Built project to another.

Undemolish Command

Undemolishes the selected demolished Smart Interop Objects in the model.