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When design and project changes are complete, you can generate drawing deliverables using both Smart Interop Objects and native Smart 3D design objects. For example, you can generate drawings for Fabrication and Material Take-Off (MTO) to show what is being changed within the context of the project. In the current version of the software, you can extract the following directly from the Change Management model.

  • Isometric drawings from the model.

  • Standard General Arrangement drawings of Smart Interop Objects with changes. Because a Smart Interop Object has its own classification, type, and properties, you can distinguish it from Smart 3D design objects in in a drawing. In the example, the Smart Interop Objects display in gray. The piping and equipment objects that represent the actual design changes display in green.

For more information about extracting drawings, see the Intergraph Smart 3D Isogen Isometric Drawings Help and the Intergraph Smart 3D Orthographic Drawings Help.

You can revise and share to SDx extracted 2D document data and graphics so that other authoring tools can access the data. Revising and sharing is done using the Drawings and Reports task Management Console or from a 3D modeling task with the Tools > Drawings Console command.

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