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During Handover, you can use the SDx Synchronization Status Monitor to monitor the status of the synchronize to SDx operation for completeness and for errors. If needed, you can also configure the utility to send email notifications to one or multiple accounts regarding synchronization failures. See Configure servers to monitor.

  • The SDx Synchronization Status Monitor is only available if you have installed the Project Management component on the Smart 3D client computer. See Install Smart 3D Client Software in Intergraph Smart 3D Installation.

  • The SDx Synchronization Status Monitor displays synchronization status from the time you start the utility. It does not monitor the status from the time the synchronize to SDx process was started.

  1. Click Start > Intergraph Smart 3D > SDx Synchronization Status Monitor.

  2. Click the Synchronization Status tab, and review the Sync to SDx progress bar for the Handover model. When the process is complete, the progress bar displays 100%.


    SHARED Tip If needed, you can drag column headers to re-arrange the display, or you can click the column picker and then select which columns to display.

    Column Chooser SDx Synchronization Status

  3. Review Sync Errors in the Synchronize to SDx Status pane for the total number of errors, if any, that occurred during the process.

  4. If you need to generate a status report, click Synchronize to SDx Status Report in the Synchronize to SDx Status panel to open the Report Settings Dialog. See Generate a Synchronize to SDx Status report.

  5. When you have finished, close the utility.

The synchronization status of the models on the Synchronization tab are updated every 30 seconds.