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Certain terms carry a specific connotation for their usage within the context of Smart 3D and SDx integration. The following terms are used frequently when you are working with As-Built projects.


Describes the digital model intended to accurately represent the physical plant as it was built (constructed). Objects in the as-built model contain property values (for example, names/tags, contractor or industry commodity codes) that associate the model objects to physical objects in the plant. The term As-Built is synonymous with Digital Twin.


Describes a physical asset (model) that is undergoing a revamp, retrofit, or new construction (after demolition).

Change Action/Project

Defines a design change or set of changes to be performed on an as-built facility. Typically, a project begins in the design world and then progresses to the physical world when the actual construction is approved. All changes to the as-built facility are performed within the context of a project under strict change control.

Change Management Model

Describes the Smart 3D model used for performing brownfield design changes. Design changes are executed within the scope defined by the change actions created in SDx. Project Operations and other integration commands synchronize data between Smart 3D and SDx.


Reserves objects to be modified as part of a project.

Digital Twin

Provides a virtual representation of the physical assets in the plant. The digital twin contains all the essential data (the 3D graphics, drawings, and model data) for operations and maintenance of the production plant. The term Digital Twin is synonymous with As-Built.


Describes the design and construction activities at a new location or an addition to an existing facility.


Describes the transfer of engineering data and project documentation captured during the design and build phase of a Smart 3D model to the operations team.


Consolidates changes from a completed and approved project into the as-built model.

Native Object

Describes an object created in Smart 3D. A native object is a fully functional object that can be modified and copied.

Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

Includes the day-to-day activities needed for a facility and its systems and equipment to perform their intended function. Operations implies that the built facility fulfills its intended purpose. Maintenance implies that we service the built facility, or infrastructure, so that it operates consistently and safely.


Serves as the central data repository for the digital asset information associated with As-Built models and projects.


Designates the Smart 3D model database to associate with SDx (Plant). A unique signature is created for each model that is registered with SDx. When you create a new project, the signature that you assign identifies the related model.

Share/Synchronize to SDx

Captures additions, modifications, and deletions of native and Smart Interop Objects in Smart 3D and synchronizes them with the data in SDx.

SIO (Smart Interop Object)

Describes an object fit for purpose for Operations and Maintenance. Smart Interop Objects can be generated from native Smart 3D objects, PDS data, and/or PDMS data.

Standard Model

Describes the Smart 3D model used for the greenfield design or for the generation and clean-up of data for handover to As-Built.

Subscribe/Synchronize from SDx

Pulls data and graphics from SDx, and then creates and updates Smart Interop Objects in Smart 3D.

Work Area

Describes the read-only part of the As-Built model that is synchronized from SDx into a Smart 3D Change Management model to provide context for the project.