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The Recovery tab is enabled only if you have Full Access permissions for model permission groups, projects, and project permission groups.


Recovers data from SDx. After you click Recover, the software displays progress indicators for each process along with the status of each project that is processed successfully. If any process fails to complete, the software displays a message.

In the example, the Creating new projects process is complete, and two of two projects [2 / 2] have been successfully created in the restored Smart 3D Change Management model.

Deleting native objects

Deletes native objects in active projects and design review projects.

Cleaning canceled projects

Cleans projects that are canceled in SDx but are not canceled in Smart 3D.

Cleaning completed projects

Cleans projects that are completed in SDx but are not completed in Smart 3D.

Synchronizing work area definition

Synchronizes the work area definition in Smart 3D with SDx.

Creating new projects

Creates projects that exist in SDx but not in Smart 3D.

Updating active projects

Updates out of sync projects that are active in SDx and Smart 3D.