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Enables the Smart 3D administrator to recover from cases where the Smart 3D database has been restored to a previous state from backup. Restoring the Smart 3D Change Management model to a previous state can result in data loss. For example, some modeling might have been done in the active project, new projects might have been created, and other projects might have been canceled or completed since the backup was created. These inconsistencies result in the Smart 3D model being out of sync with SDx. You can use the Integration > Data Recovery from SDx command to recover this data and bring the restored model in sync with SDx. Running the Data Recovery from SDx command does the following:

  • Cleans projects in Smart 3D that are canceled or completed in SDx

  • Synchronizes work area definitions

  • Creates new projects in Smart 3D

  • Updates active projects in Smart 3D

  • Restoring a Smart 3D database from a backup using the Restore one or more model databases from backup or the Restore model as copy option clears all SDx registration details. To recover your data, you must re-register the restored model to the same SDx plant as was used for the previous SDx registration.

  • After you re-register the restored Change Management model, you must define SDx subscription settings. Otherwise, the software displays an error message.

  • The Data Recovery from SDx command is also available from the Integration fly-out on the shortcut menu. To display the shortcut menu, right-click a registered model in the Project Management tree. If the selected model is not currently registered with SDx, the Data Recovery from SDx command is not available.

Data Recovery from SDx Dialog

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