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You can edit an existing document and create revisions of the document with major and minor revision value sets. The revision value depends on the selected revision scheme. When revising a document, you can change the major and minor revision values on the document.

You can revise a document without sharing it to SDx only if the SmartPlant adapter indicates that the tool supports SDx revisions.

You can revise your document in SDx and the revised values are saved to the tool database without having to share the document.

The first revision creates a Facility Data Warehouse (FDW) document master. Each FDW document has a mandatory relationship to SPFPrimaryClassification. Complete the mapping between common schema and SDx schema to identify this classification.

You can revise a document using any of the previous revisions available from the last synchronized revision.

For example, if you revise a new document using the revision scheme RevAlpha (A, B, C, D…) and revision C, then SDx reserves revision number C for the document. If you are revising the same document with RevAlpha, you can use any of the previous revision numbers, such as A or B. But, if you synchronize the document to SDx with revision number C, you can only use revision numbers D and above.The following table contains the available revision numbers based on the document revision state in SDx:

Document revision state

Next available revision number

Working (C)

C and up

Current (C)

D and up

If you are revising a document for the first time, ensure that your administrator has completed the prerequisites for managing a document. See Prerequisites to managing a document.

You can revise a document both at the plant level and the project level.

Sharing 2D documents to SDx

The process of sharing a 2D document (drawing) to SDx involves selecting a document to share and specifying a revision and version of the document (if necessary). For most documents, the associated data is included in the sharing process.

You can share documents and associated data to SDx for several reasons:

  • Allows Smart 3D to use the concurrent engineering functionality of SDx to manage the data as it is claimed and merged between the plant and the project.

  • Provides enterprise-wide accessibility to shared documents.

Manages change and document revision management.