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  1. Click Project > Transfer to open the Transfer Dialog.

  2. Select the source project, if needed. By default, the software uses the active project as the source project.

    The software displays the objects that are claimed to the source project in the Objects accordion (1). Any 2D documents assigned to the source project display in the in the Documents accordion (2).

  3. Use the check boxes to select the objects and documents to transfer.

  4. Select the target project.

  5. Click Evaluate to validate the selected objects. During the validation process, the software determines if the claimed object can be transferred independently. For example, an independent object can be transferred alone. However, if the object has links to other objects, then all the objects must be transferred collectively.

    If only 2D documents are selected for transfer, the Evaluation button is not available. You can transfer 2D documents directly to SDx.

  6. If prompted, enter your log on credentials in the Authenticate SDx dialog. The credentials you enter must belong to the Design Lead role or the Contractor Design Lead role.

  7. After validation is complete, click Transfer. The software displays the status of the transfer process at the bottom of the Selected for Transfer panel. When the transfer is finished, the message All objects are transferred successfully displays in the Selected for Transfer panel.

  • Click Show All Results to display all the items that were transferred to the target project.

  • Click View Log to open the log file so you can review the results of the process.

  • If you select a claimed object to transfer in the graphic view and then click Project > Transfer, the software opens the Transfer Dialog with the object automatically selected for transfer. In the example, a slab from the active project is selected in the graphic view. That selection is reflected when the software opens the Transfer dialog.