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This section contains some design procedures commonly used when performing revamping and retrofitting activities on the Project As-Built model. Before you begin to execute design workflows for a Brownfield project, verify that the following prerequisites exist:

  • You can only make design changes to objects that are claimed to the active project.

  • Before making any design changes to the Change Mangement model, make sure that you have configured and started the Share Service for the Change Management model. This ensures that any changes you make in the Change Management model are synchronized to SDx. See Define settings for the Share Service.

Minimum required properties

To connect native Smart 3D objects to Smart Interop Objects, a minimum set of properties must be defined.

Cabletray Connections

  • Nominal Width

  • Nominal Depth

  • Actual Width

  • Actual Depth

  • Load Width

  • Load Depth

Conduit Connections

  • NCD Size

  • NCP Unit Type

  • End Preparation

  • Schedule Practice

  • Schedule Thickness

  • End Practice

  • End Standard

Duct Connections

  • Duct Width

  • Duct Depth

  • Corner Radius

  • Cross Section Shape

  • Dimension Base Outer

  • End Preparation

  • Thickness

  • Flange Width

  • Port Depth

  • Flange Projection or Socket Offset

Piping Connections (Flanged)

  • NPD Size

  • NPD Unit Type

  • Termination Class

  • Termination Sub Class

  • End Preparation

  • End Practice

  • End Standard

  • Rating Practice

  • Pressure Rating

Piping Connections (Welded)

  • NPD Size

  • NPD Unit Type

  • Termination Class

  • Termination Sub Class

  • End Preparation

  • End Practice

  • End Standard

  • Schedule Practice

  • Schedule Thickness

Modeling and modification capabilities for Smart Interop Objects (SIOs)

The table below summarizes the high-level modeling and modification capabilities associated with Smart Interop Objects (SIOs).

SIO Type

Modeling/Modification Capabilities

All SIOs

  • Can modify hierarchy relationships

  • Can modify properties

  • Can be deleted from the model

All Graphic Objects

  • Can participate in clash detection

  • Can generate standard drawings (VHL, Ortho)

  • Can be marked for demolish

  • Can generate demolish deliverables

Equipment SIOs

  • Can be moved and rotated (if no piping connection exists)

  • Can add new nozzles to equipment

  • Can delete existing nozzles from equipment

Piping SIOs

  • Can disconnect sections of piping

  • Can move pipe runs/parts that are not connected to other objects

  • Can generate piping isometrics if all the required information is available

Slab/Wall SIOs

  • Can add new holes

  • Can fill existing holes

In modeling workflows where a modification cannot be made to a SIO directly, you must replace the SIO with a native Smart 3D object and perform the modification on the native Smart 3D object. In these instances, the commands listed below are available to assist you:

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