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You can create a filter based on the Smart Interop Object Is Demolished property to highlight all demolished objects in the Workspace Explorer.

  1. Click Tools > Select by Filter to display the Select Filter Dialog Box.

  2. Select My Filters, and then click New Filter (Simple or Asking) to display the Filter Properties Dialog Box.

  3. Type name for the filter in the Name field. For example, you can name the filter Demolish.

  4. Click the Properties tab.

  5. Select More from the Property box to display the Select Properties Dialog Box.

  6. Navigate to and select Smart Interop Objects, and then click OK.

  7. Select Direct Property of Object Type from the Relationship box.

  8. Select Standard from the Display properties in this category box.

  9. Select Is Demolished in the list of properties, and then click OK.

  10. In the New Filter Properties dialog box, select = from the Operator list for the Is Demolished property, and select True in the Value box.

  11. Click OK to return to the Select Filter Dialog Box.

    The software adds the new filter under My Filters.

  12. In the Select Filter dialog box, select the filter that you created, and then click OK.

    The software highlights all the demolished Smart Interop Objects in the Workspace Explorer.

For information about Smart 3D filters, including other types of filters that you can create, see Filter what I see.