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  1. Open a browser window, and type the URL for your SDx Web Client.

  2. Log in to the Intergraph Authorization Server using your assigned credentials.

  3. Click the Business Administration feature set on the Home screen, and then click Create Project to open the Projects window.

  4. On the Main details tab, type a name and a brief description for the new project.

  5. Select Active in the Status box.

  6. Click Finish.

    • You must have the System Administrator PAB role or the Project Administrator PAB role to create a project.

    • Tell me more about project creation options.

      1. In the Main Details tab, type the Description in the box.

      2. Select the Archived and Generate Reviews by Matrix check boxes if the project will be in the inactive state and the document reviews are assigned using a matrix, respectively.

      3. Select the Project Start Date and Project End Date.

      4. Select the Facility type and Business line from the lists.

      5. Type the Project executive, Project manager, and other business details in the respective boxes.

      6. Select the required Disciplines and Issue Purposes check boxes.

        • The Issue Purposes you choose from this section are the same ones that can be selected while creating a document.

        • The parent plant will be selected automatically in the Parent box.

      7. In the Integration tab, select the Engineering partner and Project type from the list.

        • Engineering partner is any organization that has contractor role selected.

        • Project type can be any of these three options: Align 3D Model with As-Built, Capex, and Maintenance.

      8. Select the signatures that you want to associate with the project.

        SHARED Tip You can only view the signatures associated with the current active plant.

    • After creating the project, you can begin claiming objects. See Modify objects in a project in HxGN SDx Help.