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What is the difference between a monthly invoice and an invoice attachment?

A monthly invoice is a collection of approved invoice attachments that apply to a specific month. Buyer makes payments against the monthly invoices raised by the freight forwarder. However, before including an invoice attachment in a monthly invoice, the invoice attachment needs to be approved by the traffic coordinator. An invoice attachment can be part of only one monthly invoice.

  1. On the Freight Forwarding tab, click Monthly Invoices. All the monthly invoices are displayed in the grid.

    SHARED Tip The current status of each invoice attachment is displayed in the grid. An invoice attachment can have the following statuses:

    • In Progress - Indicates that freight forwarder is working on it.

    • Submitted - Indicates that the monthly invoice has been submitted to traffic coordinator for approval.

    • Approved - Indicates the monthly invoice has been approved by the traffic coordinator.

    • Rejected - Indicates that the monthly invoice has been rejected by the traffic coordinator.

  2. Click a monthly invoice to view its invoice attachments and additional details.

    SHARED Tip If you have any question or comment for the traffic coordinator regarding a monthly invoice, you can click Chat with Traffic Coordinator and send a message.

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