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  1. Click Financials - Other Costs on the menu.

  2. Click Add AddIcon to add another cost item.

  3. Click Other Cost LOVButton and select a value.

  4. Edit or type the short description if required.

  5. Click Account Code LOVButton and select an account code.

  6. Enter a percentage value in the Other Cost % box.

    Alternatively, type a fixed cost value in the Cost Value Total box.

  7. Select the type of Unit Price from the list in the Unit Price Type box.

    • The unit price type is intended to be used for spare parts.

    • By default, the unit price has no type. The following values are available:

      • Including

      • Excluding

      • No Quote

      • Not Required

    • You can only change the type if the Other Cost % and Cost Value Total boxes are set to zero. Alternatively, you can only enter values into the boxes mentioned if the type is empty.

  8. Click Currency LOVButton and select the currency to be used.

  9. Select the Eval Cost check box if this other cost is defined as an evaluation cost.

  10. Select the Discountable check box if this other cost is discountable.

    • If a discount is assigned to the quote summary and this indicator is selected, this other cost is discounted; that is, the discount is also applied to this other cost. The cost value total of the discountable other cost remains unchanged.

    • This option can only be selected after a discount has been assigned to the quote summary. If another cost represents a discount (that is, a negative value is entered in Other Cost %), this option cannot be changed.

  11. Enter a description at the bottom of the page if required.

  12. Click Save.