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Tagged items can be big and expensive, such as a tank or a compressor. This material is not necessarily delivered as one item. To enter prices and other information for the detail parts of a tagged item, you can split the tag.

  1. Select the quote detail with the tagged item you want to split. A tagged item is identified by an entry in the Tag Number box that is not '---' or 'UNTAGGED'.

  2. Click Split Tag SplitTagButton.

    The quote detail (master tag) is duplicated. With the first split, two new quote details (detail tags) are created. The quoted quantity of the detail tags is set to 0 (zero).

  3. Select a tag detail and click Tag Details on the Ident Details tab at the bottom.

  4. Type the tag description in the Short Description and Description boxes.

  5. Click Save and close the Tag Details dialog.

  6. Select Quotation Details - Prices from the menu.

  7. Update the quoted quantity and the price information for the new quote details (detail tags).

    The original quote detail (master tag) quantity cannot be updated.

  8. Click Save.

Split Tag SplitTagButton is not available for a quote detail if

  • The tag number is '---' or 'UNTAGGED'.

  • The quote detail is an alternate (Alt > 0).

  • The quote detail has been split.

  • More than one requisition line item is associated with the quote detail.

  • The buyer has disabled this functionality.