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Version 10.1

  • File upload security scan implemented. (CR-MA42653)

  • Additional Project Description column implemented in Inquiries, Subcontracting and Packing overview screens. (CR-MA57788)

  • Access control implemented for My Account module in Smart Materials Portal, by means of the new DBA Settings ESUP_AC_COMPANY, ESUP_AC_MATERIAL_SERVICES, ESUP_AC_PROFILE, ESUP_AC_QUALIFICATIONS, ESUP_AC_RFI, ESUP_AC_USER. (CR-MA57789)

  • Registration process in Smart Materials Portal enhanced with Terms and Conditions dialog. (CR-MA68308)

  • 2-factor authentication implemented for Smart Materials Portal. (CR-MA71443)

  • Recipient list for technical RFIs can now be controlled using project default RFI_MODE. (CR-MA74790)

Version 2020 (10.0.0)

  • This patch implements an optional way to call customer designed reports from Smart Materials Portal. (CR-MA54897)

  • This patch implements cloud help in Smart Materials Portal application. (CR-MA62756)

  • This patch implements decimals in Smart Materials Portal based on project defaults values. (CR-MA62994)

  • This patch supports the NDA status 'Hold' in Smart Materials Portal. (CR-MA63304)

  • This patch delivers database objects for implementing supplier specific NDAs in Smart Materials Portal. (CR-MA63305)

  • When supplier changes address, then email will be send only to buyer who did login request approval. (CR-MA65314)

Version 2016 R4 (8.4.0)

  • With application setting ShowRegisterButton in config.xml you can control the display of the Registration button on the Logon page of the Portal. (CR-MA51554)

  • When supplier changes password, now an Email will be sent to him. (CR-MA53732)

  • This patch provides the option to control access to inquiries more granular and specify for each Portal user of company. (CR-MA56165)

  • Supplier cannot delete buyer's documents in Files screen. (CR-MA56360)

  • Buyer can now hide the Global Discount field in Bid Summary & Submit screen. (CR-MA57560)

  • Tool (PromptsGenerator.exe) provided for updating Portal prompts using a Smart Materials glossary. (CR-MA59118)

Version 2016 R3 (8.3.0)

  • Freight forwarders can now create invoice attachments in Smart Materials Portal. (CR-MA45756)

  • Freight forwarders can now assign transport objects and price codes in an invoice attachment. (CR-MA45758)

  • Freight forwarders can now attach supporting documents to an invoice attachment. (CR-MA45761)

  • This patch provides information of latest supplier’s login timestamp to be used later on in Smart Materials Companies screen. (CR-MA46540)

  • This patch reorders the column groups in quotation overview screen. (CR-MA47201)

  • Using this feature, Split Tag and Split Qty buttons enabled or disabled can be handled by user for every inquiry independently. Using the classic screens P.30.11 Maintain Inquiries or P.30.21 Prepare RFQ, buyer disables buttons by clearing the Allow Split Tag or Allow Split Qty check box for any inquiries. Then, Portal user can't use Split Tag or Split Qty for these inquiries. (CR-MA47203)

  • Enhanced Portal with handling of hyperlinks. (CR-MA47376)

  • Height of text box was increased in answers in Profile and Technical, Commercial Questionnaire. (CR-MA48221)

  • Attachments are protected against update if COR is:

    • Submitted by Subcontractor

    • Ready for Approval

    • Approved

      There is no difference between ‘Received Change Order Request’ and My Change Order Request’. However, only documents attached by the Subcontractor can be deleted by the Subcontractor. Attachment uploaded from the Buyer, cannot be deleted at any point in time. (CR-MA44701)

  • Price breakdown can be created on line item level, controlled by new project default. (CR-MA44702)

  • Suppliers are now allowed to access RFQs with NDA feature turned on, for NDA status equals 'None'. (CR-MA48922)

  • Now complex password option will have more restrictions with regard to password field (CR-MA46823):

    • Password field is now case sensitive

    • Password must be at least eight characters in length

    • Conform to strong password standards, that is, password must contain at least one of each: upper and lower case alpha, numeric and special character

    • Password must be changed at least every 90 days

    • No reuse of the previous five passwords

    • Password must not contain the user's account name or parts of the user's full name

  • With the new DBA setting ESUP_CCI_STATE, you can control the default value of the CCI radio group on the Quote Reference and Validity screen, when first opening a quote in Portal (CR-MA47286).

  • The field length of Short Description (now 100 characters) and Description (now 2000 characters) on the Variation Rates screen in the Portal has been increased (CR-MA47278).

  • Addenda for inquiries are now also available already for supplement 0. (CR-MA50198)

  • Depending on the setting of the new project default ZP_COR_LI, price breakdowns are either transformed into an additional line item or are incorporated into an associated line item when creating a CO based on a COR. (CR-MA44702)

  • Portal has been enhanced with handling of Meta Defender, to support File Upload Security Checking. (CR-MA47819)

Version 2016 R2 (8.2.0)

  • If the wrong password and username combination is entered more than 3 times, the account will get locked and the user needs to use the Forgot Password link to reactivate his account. (CR-MA28322)

  • If DBA setting PROTECT_TAG_NUMBERS is set to Active, suppliers can only edit tags from splits, tag numbers entered in Smart Materials are protected against update. (CR-MA32650)

  • If the supplier declines a bid, he can now select a reason from a combo box. (CR-MA32653)

  • The following rental order fields have been added to the Quote Details screen in the Portal: (CR-MA33141)

    • Rental Start Date

    • Rental End Date

    • Valid Period

    • Interval

      Supplier can edit these values and can submit the quote.

  • The Commercial Conditions and Instructions (CCI) screen is now available to allow the supplier to enter his comments for each term, and also to accept the CCI document. (CR-MA33769)

  • Now the bid due date for an inquiry can be set for each supplier separately. (CR-MA33776)

  • Inquiries are no longer displayed in the Inquiry Overview, if all its line items are reflected on purchase orders. (CR-MA33779)

  • Email is sent now to new suppliers on approval at any registration step. (CR-MA34364)

  • If DBA setting CODE_OF_CONDUCT is set to Active, suppliers can only provide answers to company profile and qualifications questions after accepting the code of conduct. (CR-MA38253)

  • In Subcontracts, progress can now be measured on line item level. Based on agreement's progress payment level ('Header' or 'Line item'), milestone details will be displayed. (CR-MA38566)

  • Email is now sent to new user with user name and password during Portal registration. (CR-MA39061)

  • Notices to Comply screen is displayed for the agreement type Purchase Order, because it must be available only for agreement type Subcontract. (CR-MA40095)

  • This patch provides the option to include CIP values to quotation grid. (CR-MA40631)

  • Inquiries can now be excluded from inquiry overview in Portal. (CR-MA40675)

  • Display Short Description instead of Company Code by company types in Company screen. If Short Description is empty in given language, then default language (English) short description is displayed. If this is also empty, Company Code is displayed. (CR-MA41522)

  • The new DBA setting ESUP_PROTECT_OC is available, with the values Inactive (default) and Active. (CR-MA42042)

    If ESUP_PROTECT_OC is set to Active, both Other Cost screens in Portal Quotation Details do not allow the supplier to change the Description and Short Description values.

    If ESUP_PROTECT_OC is set to Inactive, Description and Short Description are editable.

  • The new DBA setting ESUP_EXCL_TRAFFIC is available, with the values Inactive (default) and Active. (CR-MA42047)

    If ESUP_EXCL_TRAFFIC is set to Active, both Traffic menu items from navigation bar in Portal will be hidden.

    If ESUP_EXCL_TRAFFIC is set to Inactive, Traffic menu items will be shown, when prerequisites are fulfilled.

  • Changed layout of Inquiries > Bid Summary & Submit screen. (CR-MA42686)

Version 2016 R1 (8.1.0)

  • You can now download, sign, and upload non disclosure agreement (NDA) document. For more information, see Download and upload NDA (non-disclosure agreement) documents. (CR-MA-32642)

  • As part of this backlog item, a provision was given to provide Portal access to existing vendors of an EPC. (CR-MA32660)

  • Prepare Smart Materials Portal and Smart Materials to deal with multiple company types suppliers. (CR-MA33178)

  • As part of this backlog item, a provision was given to provide Portal access to existing vendors of an EPC. (CR-MA32660)

  • This patch provides database structures to deal with multiple answers for a given question in registration and inquiry questionnaires. (CR-MA36360)

  • Provide selection of multiple answers to LOV questions in the Portal. (CR-MA36257)

  • Portal to show conditional questions for Material and Service Types, Material and Services, and Quotations. (CR-MA37293)

  • This patch includes validation for Portal Registration RFI screen to contain at least a configurable number of characters. (CR-MA34332)

  • Once buyer provides access to Portal for suppliers, and while supplier login to Portal for the first time, application will enforce the user to change the password. (CR-MA37718)

  • User to enter complex password if the DBA setting ESUP_COMPLEX_PWD is set to Y. (CR-MA36014)

  • Primary user can select Force Change Password to request the user to change his password when trying to login next time. (CR-MA36014)

  • This patch includes a CIP call when submitting answers in Portal to do customer validation. (CR-MA38654)