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With a technical questionnaire, engineering is requesting answers including additional notes on technical level which are used during the awarding process, to perform the technical bid evaluation.

The technical questionnaire is optional and might not be available

  1. Click Questions/Answers - Technical Questions on the menu.

  2. On the Inquiry tab, answer all inquiry relevant questions.

    The mandatory questions must be answered to submit the bid.

  3. To provide attachments where required, do the following:

    • Click Attach File.

    • Click Browse, select a file, and click Open.

    • Click Submit to upload the file.

      • If file does not upload, you can click the file name to open a logfile.

      • Depending on the setup, file upload might work different, without showing Browse and Submit.

  4. Click Line Items to view line item specific questions.

  5. Answer the questions and attach files where required.

  6. Click Save.