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The navigation bar allows you to access different areas of the Portal where you can perform tasks related to inquiries, subcontracts, packing, and freight forwarding. Access to different areas of the Portal is configured based on your role. For example, if you are a subcontractor, only the Subcontracts tab is enabled on the navigation bar.


The navigation bar provides the following options (depending on your role, not all options might be available):

  • Home - Allows you to navigate to the home page.

  • My Account - Allows you to edit your company information.

  • Inquiries - Allows you to bid for an inquiry. For more information, see Manage Inquiries

  • Subcontracts - Allows you to maintain your subcontract workload. For more information, see Manage Subcontracts.

  • Packing - Allows you to plan the delivery of required items and manage the packing. For more information, see Manage Packing.

  • Freight Forwarding - Allows you to view information about packing lists, preliminary packing lists, packages, and package items. For more information, see Manage Freight Forwarding.

  • Branch Out To - Allows you to launch your own program from the Portal. For more information, see Enable the Branch Out Link.

  • View Reports - Allows you to view custom reports.