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The bidding process usually starts after you received an invitation to bid from the contractor. To start with, you can select a bid and enter financial details to a bid. Have a look on the below video.

Once the financial details are covered, you can perform other miscellaneous tasks through portal and finally submit your bid. To know more look at the below video:

If an NDA is available for the project, you can only access the inquiry if you have signed and submitted the NDA, and the buyer approved the NDA or issued an exemption. Otherwise, the Inquiry Progress shows Pending or Rejected, and you are not allowed to continue.

With your bid, you specify the pricing breakdown, consisting of material cost, consumables cost, construction equipment cost, labor hours and unit rates. Additionally, you define labor rates, equipment rates, allowances, alternates and options. As part of the e-business functionality, you can attach files to the quote summary, upload them to the database, browse these files, or remove them from the database.

For subcontract agreements, the scope of work defines the tasks that must be performed under the subcontract. You can view the milestones for the scope of work activities. The request for information or clarifications options allow you to view and maintain RFIs and submit questions to the buyer. Completed quotes can be electronically signed and submitted to the contractor.

The Inquiries page is visible only if there is any inquiry available.

Inquiry Dashboard Page

Allows you to view all the inquiries for which you have access. The dashboard also provides a quick view of the status of the inquiries. You can sort the information on the dashboard by clicking the appropriate column header. You can also filter the information by clicking on any of the columns header and selecting the filter criteria.

Why is an inquiry no longer available on the dashboard?

An inquiry that was available on the dashboard for editing and providing the bid is no longer displayed. This happens if the buyer has placed all line items of this inquiry on an agreement.

Project - Displays the project name for an inquiry.

Description - Displays the project description.

Inquiry - Displays the inquiry number that uniquely identifies each inquiry.

Quote Reference Number - Displays the reference number you have assigned to the quote.

Supplement - Displays the supplement number for the inquiry.

Inquiry Type - Displays the type of the inquiry (Order or Subcontract).

Deadline - Displays the bid due date and the times left to submit the bid. For a closed bid the finalization date is shown.

Inquiry Progress - Displays the status of the inquiry.

An inquiry can only be edited in the statuses Ready to Start, In Progress, Ready to Submit, and Will not Bid.

To edit an inquiry, do the following:

  1. Click the Inquiries task on the menu.

  2. Select an inquiry.

    • Click any column header to sort the records displayed by that column. Click one time for ascending order; click two times for descending order.

    • Click Filter FilterIcon to refine the displayed inquiries.

  • Click Start ArrowRightIcon on a particular inquiry to start the bidding process.

    SHARED Tip If you have started editing the inquiry, you can click Go to last visited page to view the page that you opened last time.

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