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Intergraph Smart Materials Portal Classic Help (10.1)

Intergraph Smart Materials
Portal Classic
  1. Click Quotation Details - Bidding Details on the menu.

  2. Use the slider at the bottom of the page to view all the bidding information.

    • For the item status see Complete a bid for a line item.

    • The alternate number in the Alt box acts as a sequence number to distinguish among the alternates for a quote detail. The alternate number of the original quote detail is 0 (zero).

    • The Split Seq box shows the sequence number to order the splits of a quote detail.

    • The Split indicator shows whether the quote detail has been split.

      If a quote detail has been split, the original quote detail cannot be changed.

      Modifications, including modifications of properties, other costs, and attachments, can be applied to the splits.

    • The Sel indicator shows whether the quote detail is assigned to your company.

SHARED Tip Click Filter FilterIcon to refine the bidding data.