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To offer an alternate to the original quote detail, you can create alternates. The alternate number displayed in the Alt column on the Bidding Details panel acts as a sequence number to differentiate between the alternative items for a quote detail. The alternate number of the original quote detail is zero.

  1. Select the line item(s) for which you want to create an alternate.

  2. Click Create Alternate CreateAlternateButton.

    SHARED Tip

    • Another alternate is created each time you click this option, and the alternate number is incremented by 1.

Create Alternate CreateAlternateButton is not available if any of the following are true:

  • The line item is an alternate (alternate number > 0).

  • The line item is a split.

  • The line item is a master or detail tag.

  • The approval process of the quote has been started.

  • The quote has already been approved.

  • The quote detail has been assigned to another bidder and that quote has already been approved, or the approval process for this quote has already been started.