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You can navigate to the Bid Summary & Submit page from all pages in the Inquiries module using the Go to Submit button.

You can review the bid summary and modify any information if required on the Bid Summary & Submit page. After completing, you submit the bid.

  1. Click Finalization - Bid Summary & Submit on the menu.

    The Bid Summary section appears on the left side of the page.

  2. Click Add or Modify to open the corresponding page where you can add or edit the data.

Enter a global discount

If you want to give an overall discount on the entire bid, do the following:

  1. In the Bid Prices section, type a global discount percentage.

    The discount percentage is applied to the total line items price, and the discount amount is calculated and displayed.

  2. Alternatively, enter the global discount amount.

  3. Click Save.

How are the price values calculated?

The displayed values calculate as follows (bolded fields can be found in the respective screens):

In case of alternates only the cheapest item is considered for the calculation.

  • Line Items Price = Total of Line Item’s Discounted Price

  • Total Other Costs = Total of Line Item Net Other Costs + Total of Inquiry Other Cost’s Cost Value Total

  • Total Line Items Discount = Total of Line Item’s Discount Amount + Total of Line Item’s (Gross Other Costs - Net Other Costs)

    The line items discount is only displayed for information and already included in the line items price and the total other costs.

  • Global Discount (Amount) = Global Discount % * (Line Items Price + Total Other Costs - Inquiry Other Cost’s Cost Value Total (if Discountable = N))

  • Total Price = Line Items Price + Total Other CostsGlobal Discount + Total of Line Item's Packing Price

Enter quote reference and validity

If you haven't entered the quote reference number and validity on the landing page, you must do the following to be able to submit the bid.

  1. In the Bid Schedule section, type your reference number in the Quote Reference Number box.

  2. To define the validity of your quote, you can do one of the following:

    • Type the validity in days in the Validity box. The validity date is calculated by adding the validity to the quote date.

    • Or, select a date in the Validity Date box. This automatically sets the validity days.

  3. Click Save.

The Bid Schedule panel shows the dates when the inquiry was received and last modified by the bidder. Additionally, the bid closing date, the bid submittal date, and the quote date are displayed.

Sign and submit the bid

  1. Click Sign & Submit.

    • Depending on a project setting, the button label is Sign & Submit or Finalize Quote.

    • The Sign & Submit or Finalize Quote option is enabled only when all the line items have Complete or No Bid set in the Item Status cell (see Complete a bid for a line item) or the unit price greater 0 (zero). Additionally, the quote reference number must be entered.

    • The item status is set to Complete on line items having the unit price greater 0 (zero) and the In Progress status.

  2. If a secret question is configured, answer the question.

  3. Click I agree.

  4. Click Submit.

    The bid submittal date appears in the Bid Schedule section.