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The quote reference number must be entered to be able to submit the bid.

  1. Click Quotation Details - Quote Reference and Validity on the menu.

    The Quote Reference and Validity page opens automatically when you start working on an inquiry and when the quote reference number is not filled.

  2. Select I will bid.

  3. Type your reference number in the Quote Reference Number box.

  4. Select the date when you plan to complete the quote from the calendar.

  5. To define the validity of your quote, you can do one of the following:

    • Type the validity in days in the Validity box. The validity date is calculated by adding the validity to the quote date.

    • Or, select a date in the Validity Date box. This automatically sets the validity days.

  6. If you want to provide your bids in another currency, select a currency from the list.

    The selected currency is applied to all prices and costs of the inquiry, even if you have already entered price values.

  7. If a CCI (Commercial Conditions and Instructions) document is attached to the inquiry, click Download CCI to open and read the document, and choose from the available options.

    You must accept the CCI to be considered in the awarding.

  8. Click Save or click Next.