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On the Subcontracts page, you can view and edit all subcontracts with your contracting client. The information you provide is electronically sent to your contractor and is immediately available to him.

To know how this manage contracts process works for you as a Subcontractor, then have a look on the below video:

The Subcontracts page is visible only if there is any subcontract available.

Subcontracts Dashboard Page

Allows you to view all the subcontracts for which you have access. The dashboard also provides a quick view of the status of the agreements. You can sort the information on the dashboard by clicking the appropriate column header. You can also filter the information by clicking on any of the columns header and selecting the filter criteria.

Project - Displays the project name for an agreement.

Description - Displays the project description.

Agreement Number - Displays the agreement number that uniquely identifies each agreement.

Agreement Type - Displays the type of the inquiry (Purchase Order, Subcontract, Work Order).

Buyer/Email - Displays the name of the responsible buyer with his phone number and email address.

SHARED Tip You can click the email address to create an email with the address automatically set as recipient and the project and agreement number set as subject.

Status - Displays the payment type and the progress of the agreement in percent with a progress bar.

  • Click the Subcontracts to view and maintain your subcontracts.

    • Click any column header to sort the records displayed by that column. Click one time for ascending order; click two times for descending order.

    • Click Filter FilterIcon to refine the displayed agreements.

  • If the process has not yet started for an agreement, Start appears in the corresponding Status section.

  • Click Start ArrowRightIcon on a particular agreement to view the subcontract details.

    SHARED Tip If you have started editing the agreement, you can click Go to last visited page to view the page that you opened last time.

  • To return to the agreement overview, click All Agreements.

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