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Punch lists are used by the contractor to notify the subcontractor of any required actions to remedy deficiencies in the services provided by the subcontractor. Additionally, the inspection status of the required actions is tracked with the punch list items.

  1. Click Progress and Payment - Punch Lists on the menu.

    The available punch lists for the selected agreement are displayed.

  2. On the panel on the left, select the punch list number.

  3. In the grid on the right, select the punch list detail that you want to edit.

  4. Type a comment in the Subcontractor Comments box.

  5. Select Ready for Inspection.

  6. Click Save and Submit.

    The status changes to Ready for Inspection.

  • The punch list item cannot be changed after Ready for Inspection is selected and the item is saved and submitted.

  • If the inspection fails, you can re-inspect in the same way as described above.