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What is the difference between shipping invoices and invoice attachments?

Shipping invoices are generally created by suppliers and used for the customs purpose. Invoice attachments are created by freight forwarders and include the shipment cost.

  1. On the Freight Forwarding tab, click Invoice Attachments.

  2. Click Add, and then click Add Invoice attachment create_ppl.

  3. Select the EML Number from the EML list.

  4. Select the shipment number from the Shipment list.

    • After you create the invoice attachment, you can no longer change the Departure Point and ATD of this shipment.

    • One of the packing list in the shipment must have a collection point assigned. Otherwise, the shipment will not be available for invoice attachment creation.

    • Actual time of departure (ATD) from the collection point must be specified for the shipment (or one of its pre-shipment) for invoice attachment creation. Otherwise, the shipment will not be available for invoice attachment creation.

  5. Enter the invoice amount and select the currency in the respective boxes.

  6. Type a name/number in the Invoice Attachment Number box.

  7. Enter the Invoice Issue Date.

  8. Click Add Price Code create_ppl to add all the price codes that apply to this shipment.

    SHARED Tip You can view the latest amendment of the price codes before adding them.

    After the invoice attachment is created, these price codes can no longer be edited.

  9. Select the transport object type (packing list/package/shipment) and click Next.

  10. Select the actual transport objects and click Next.

  11. Select the price codes and click Save.

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