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  1. Click Progress and Payment - SOV Progress, Milestone Progress, or Item Progress on the menu.

  2. Click Add Progress AddIcon.

    This button is only enabled if you are creating the first progress number or if all existing progress numbers are approved.

  3. Select the period start date in the From box.

  4. Select the period end date in the To box.

  5. Click Save.

    The progress number is automatically created and displayed in the Period Progress Number box. The status of the new period progress is Open.

  • If you want to get paid in advance for some work, goods, or services, you can enter a value in the Other Adjustments box. If you enter a value in the Other Adjustments box, you will probably need to compensate for it later by entering a negative value. For example, in period 1, you enter 1000 to get an advanced payment. Then, in period 8, if you want to get your account balance, you would enter -1000.

  • You can edit the progress of the items on the Details tab as long as the period progress has not been submitted.

  • When the period progress is approved, you'll be informed by email and you can create a new period progress.