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The packing process starts after both the buyer and the supplier have signed and finalized an agreement. As a supplier, it is your responsibility to deliver the items to the buyer, as per the conditions mentioned in the final agreement. Before starting the actual delivery, you should plan how to deliver the required items in an optimal manner. For that, you create preliminary packing lists (PPL) and preliminary packages, which are estimates for the actual delivery. After you create the PPLs, you submit them for approval from the buyer.

Have a look at the whole packing process through the below video:

The buyer sends you the release notes, which may or may not match exactly with the PPLs you sent. The release notes contain specific delivery details (like the delivery location, delivery date, and so on) for a group of item shipments. After receiving the release notes, you create packages and assign the line items to the packages. After all the items in a release note are assigned to packages, you must submit the packages' details for the approval from the buyer. After the buyer approves the packages, you can start the process for actual delivery of the packages.

The Packing tab is visible only if packing information is available. That happens when the buyer invites a supplier to start preliminary packing or approves a release note.

Packing Dashboard Page

Allows you to view all the agreements and the associated requisitions for which you have access. The dashboard also provides a quick view of the status of the release notes and PPLs for each agreement. You can sort the information on the dashboard by clicking the appropriate column header. You can also filter the information by clicking sort on any of the columns header and selecting the filter criteria.

Project - Displays the project name for an agreement.

Description - Displays the project description.

Agreement Number - Displays the agreement number that uniquely identifies each agreement.

Supplement - Displays the supplement number for the agreement.

Engineering Requisition - Displays the requisition number associated with an agreement.

Status - Displays the status of the release notes and PPLs for each agreement. It shows how many of the release notes or PPLs are In Progress and how many are Submitted.

  • Click Release Notes or Preliminary Packing Lists to start working with packages or preliminary packages.

  • For some of the agreements the Preliminary Packing Lists option might not be available. It means the buyer has not invited you for preliminary packing for those agreements.

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