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What is a preliminary packing list?

A preliminary packing list (PPL) is a list of preliminary packages. It helps in treating the contained preliminary packages as a logical unit for the planning activities.

  1. On the Packing tab, select an agreement number and click Preliminary Packing Lists. The PPL Number, Status, Forecasted Delivery Date, Incoterm, Delivery Place, HLO Type, Total Gross Weight, Total Volume, Originator, and User Name appear for each PPL assigned to the agreement.

  2. Click to select the PPL for which you want to view details. On the PPL Header Details tab, you can see the total Number of Packages, Description, Volume, Weights, and Delivery Details for the selected PPL.

  3. Click the Packages tab to view information about the preliminary packages in the selected PPL.

    SHARED Tip You can identify the empty packages easily by looking at the Is Package Empty column.

  4. Click the Transport Documents tab to view the VDRs and additional documents that are attached with the PPL.