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When should I raise a credit note?

There might be situations, when you want to reduce the amount of an invoice attachment after it is approved by the traffic coordinator. In such situations, you need to raise a credit note for the invoice attachment. Just like invoice attachments, credit notes also need to be approved by the traffic coordinator.

  1. On the Freight Forwarding tab, click Invoice Attachments.

  2. Click Add, and then click Add Credit Note create_ppl.

  3. Select the invoice attachment from the Invoice Attachment list.

  4. Type the Credit Note Number. For example, if it is the first credit note for this invoice attachment, then number can be 1.

  5. Type the credit amount in the Amount box.

  6. (Optional) Enter the Issue Date.

  7. Enter the reason for raising the credit note in the Credit Note Remarks box.

  8. (Optional) Attach any supporting document.

  9. Click Save.

  10. Click Submit.