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  1. Click the Shipment Details tab for the shipment for which you want to add a wagon.

  2. Click Add wagon add_package_item under Wagon Details.

    • This option is available only for the shipments with Rail as Means of Conveyance.

    • If the ATA of a shipment is entered, you cannot add a wagon for that shipment.

  3. Select the packing lists or packages to be shipped by the wagon and click Next.

  4. Type the Wagon Number and the Shipping Document Number in the respective boxes.

  5. Enter the ETD and ETA in the respective boxes.

  6. Click Save.

    • You can click a wagon number to view the assigned packages and make changes if required.

    • You can select a wagon and click Delete Wagon delete_preliminary_package to delete it. However, if the ATD of a wagon is entered, it cannot be deleted.