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When you have entered and reviewed all period progress information, you must submit the data to your contractor.

After submitting the data, you can no longer edit the period progress.

  1. Click Progress and Payment - SOV Progress, Milestone Progress, or Item Progress on the menu.

  2. Select a period progress number.

  3. Ensure that all entered data is correct and saved.

  4. Click Submit.

  • If the contractor approves the submitted data, you can create another period progress.

  • If the contractor does not accept your data and requests that you resubmit it, you must edit the period progress data and submit again. The resubmit instructions appear on the Progress tab.

  • When the period progress is approved, the authorized total value for this period is displayed in the Authorized Total box. Authorized total is calculated as: (Progress Value) - (Progress Retention) + (Other Adjustment).