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Why do I need to request for the resubmission of a preliminary packing list?

You need to request for resubmission of a PPL, if you want to make any changes to a PPL after submitting it.

  1. On the Packing tab, select the agreement number that contains the PPL you want to resubmit and click Preliminary Packing Lists.

  2. Click to select the PPL that you want to resubmit.

  3. On the PPL Header Details tab, click Request for Resubmission. The Request to Resubmit window opens.

  4. Type the reason for your resubmission request in the Enter your reason here box.

  5. Click Send.

    • When you request a resubmission, the status of the PPL changes to Resubmission Requested.

    • After the traffic coordinator approves your request, the status of the PPL changes to Resubmission Request Accepted. At this point, you can make changes to your PPL and resubmit it. After you resubmit the PPL, its status changes to Submitted.

    • You can resubmit a PPL multiple times. However, it is required that the traffic coordinator approves each resubmission request.

    • If for some reason, the traffic coordinator rejects your request for resubmission, the status of the PPL changes back to the previous Resubmission Request Rejected state.

    • You can select a PPL, and click View History on the PPL Header Details tab to view all the resubmission requests.