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On the Schedule of Values tab, you can create your own SOV items.

SHARED Tip You can click Copy from CopyFromButton to create a copy of an existing SOV item.

  1. Click Contract Scope - Schedule of Values on the menu.

  2. Click Add Price Breakdown AddIcon.

  3. Type a unique name in the Item Code box.

  4. Type the item description in the Description box.

  5. If required, select an account code from the list in the Account Code box.

  6. If required, select an activity code from the list in the Activity Code box.

  7. Enter values in the Material Total, Construction Equipment Total, Consumables Total, and Others Total boxes.

  8. To define the labor costs, click Details in the Labor Hours box and do the following:

    • Click Add AddIcon.

    • Type a sequence number in the Seq cell.

    • Click Labor Classification LOVButton and select a rate type.

    • Type the estimated number of labor hours in the Hours cell.

    • Type the hourly rate in the Unit Rate cell.

      • The total is calculated by multiplying the hours with the unit rate and displayed in the Total cell. This value cannot be changed.

      • The currency is populated from the price breakdown and cannot be changed.

    • Click Save.

    • Click Price Breakdown > to return to the price breakdown overview.

  9. If required, select a value from the Currency list to change the currency.

  10. Click Save.

  • The Labor Total shows the sum of the labor detail totals.

  • The Overall Total field shows the sum of material total, labor total, construction equipment total, consumables total, and others total.