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You can define progress payment events to track payment for completion of activities, such as site setup, foundation, and other milestones.

  1. Click Financials - Progress Payment Events on the menu.

  2. Click Add AddIcon and create a new progress payment event.

  3. Enter a unique sequence number in the Seq box.

  4. Click Progress Payment Events LOVButton in the Event box to select a predefined event.

    • The Short Description and Description boxes are populated from the selected event.

    • If none of the predefined events is suitable, you can type a new progress payment event in the Event box and the descriptions in Short Description and Description boxes.

  5. Click Calendar CalendarIcon in the Planned Completion Date cell to select a date.

    This indicates the date when the milestone is planned to be completed.

  6. Type the number of weeks between this event and the previous event in the No. of Weeks box.

  7. Type the percentage of payment required for this event in the Percentage of Payment box.

    The sum of all payment percentages must equal 100 percent.

  8. Click Save.