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The Active Projects panel displays NDA related information. Here you can view, download, and upload NDAs.

  • When your buyer uploads an NDA document, it is available for download. Click the link in the Download NDA cell to download the document.

  • To submit the NDA, print the document, sign it, scan it, and upload the scanned document - click the Upload link, navigate to the location, and click OK.

    An email is sent to the buyer immediately after you upload the document, and the status of the NDA is changed to Sent.

  • You can delete your uploaded document only if the NDA status is not Approved or Approved with comments.

  • If an NDA is available for a project, you must sign and upload the signed NDA to participate in the bidding process of this project. You can only view and edit the inquiry details, if the NDA status is Approved or Exemption.