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  1. Click Change Management - Change Order Request on the menu.

  2. Click Add Change Order Request AddIcon on the My Change Order Requests panel, and click Save.

    The next available sequence number appears in the Seq box, the automatically created change order request (COR) number appears in the COR Number box, and the revision number 0 appears in the Revision box.

    The COR number is created using the rule defined with project default ZP_CORRULE.

  3. Type the change order request description in the Short Description and Description boxes.

  4. Type a precise description of the requested change in the Description of Change box.

  5. Click Work required by CalendarIcon and select the date when the work completion is required.

  6. Enter the number of days required for the change in the Schedule Change (Days) box.

    The Requested Amount box displays the amount of money requested by this COR. The amount is calculated as the total of the assigned price breakdown items.

  7. Click Pricing Type LOVButton and select a pricing type.

  8. Click Subcontractor Contact LOVButton and select the subcontractor's contact person.

  9. Type the subcontractor reference in the Subcontractor Reference box.

  10. Click Reason Code LOVButton and select a reason code.

  11. Click Subcontract Status LOVButton and select a status.

  12. Click Contractor Contact LOVButton and select the contractor's contact person.

  13. Click Save.