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SHARED Tip An asterisk () indicates mandatory information. You must enter a value, or the information cannot be saved.

After entering company information, you have to add users to your company and set a primary user for your company. At the bottom of the page, you can also configure an E-signature to electronically sign a bid.

Create users

  1. On the Users tab, type the first name, last name, position, department, telephone number, and email address of the user in the corresponding boxes.

    If you enter multiple email addresses, use ; (semicolon) to separate them.

  2. Optionally, select the address type from the Address Type list to specify the user as the default addressee for the company address with this address type.

  3. Define a user name in the Create User Name box.

    Special characters, such as §$%&/()=?, are not allowed for the user name.

  4. Define and confirm the password in the Password and Confirm Password boxes.

    • By default, the status is set to Active. To deactivate the user, select Inactive in the Status box.

    • To define an expiration date for a user, the primary user can enter a date in the Expiration Date box. After the expiration date, the user account expired and this user can no longer login to the Portal.

    • The Set as primary user check box is automatically selected for the first user you create for the company.

    • Only one user for each company can be set as the primary user.

    • Only the primary user can make someone else the primary user.

    • An incorrect value for any of the options is highlighted with a red frame.

    • As a primary user, you can click Add New User to add more users.

  5. When at least one user is created and defined as the primary user, click Next to continue the registration process.

    Depending on the Portal configuration, you might see a message, that your account has been created.

Configure E-Signature

If the E-Signature box appears at the bottom of the page, you can define the secret question and answer for your user profile to activate the E-Signature feature.

What is the e-signature used for?

The e-signature is used in Portal to electronically sign a bid (under Inquiries) or a change order request (COR - under Subcontracts). If this feature is activated, and you have defined a secret question and answer, while submitting a bid or COR you will be asked to answer this secret question after you agreed to the certification. statement. If you cannot answer this question, you cannot submit. This ensures, that only the login user himself can submit a bid or a change order request.

  • E-Signature is only available after submission of the user data.

  • The E-Signature box appears only if the Portal is configured accordingly.

  1. Type your personal secret question.

  2. Type the answer to your personal secret question.

  3. Click the link at the bottom of the page to view the certification statement.

  4. Click Save.

Edit or delete company users

Only the primary users can edit other user's data or delete company users.

  1. Click the user in the Users box.

  2. To deactivate a user, select Inactive in the Status list.

  3. To make an active user the primary contact for the company, select the Set as primary user check box.

  4. As a primary user, you can select Force Change Password to request the user to change his password when he tries to login next time.

  5. To delete a user, click Delete Delete User Button next to the user in the Users box.

  6. Click Save.

  • A deactivated user cannot log on to Smart Materials Portal.

  • The primary contact of a company cannot be deactivated.